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Nouns Dative Ablative Genitive
1f (s) a, am -ae -a -ae
1f (pl) ae, as -is -is -arum
2m (s) us, um -o -o -i
2m (pl) i, os -is -is -orum
2n (s) um, um -o -o -i
2n (pl) a, a -is -is -orum
3m (s) -, em -i -e -is
3m (pl) es, es -ibus -ibus -um
3n (s) - , - -i -e
3n (pl) a/ia, a/ia -ibus -ibus
eius - of him/her eorum - of them (m) earum - of them (f)


anim-a - n. 1f life fortun-a - n. 1f luck, fortune, chance aqu-a - n. 1f water eam - her lun-a - n. 1f moon puell-a - n. 1f girl serv-a - n. 1f (female) slave stell-a - n. 1f star tenebr-a - n. 1f shadow terr-a - n. 1f land, earth vit-a - n. 1f life coron-a - n. 1f crown ecclesi-a - n. 1f church sapienti-a - n. 1f wisdom cib-us - n. 2m food sanct-us - n. 2m saint, holy (man) angel-us - n. 2m angel Angl-us - n. 2m Englishman De-us - n. 2m God Christ-us - n. 2m Christ eum - n. 2m him fili-us - n. 2m son loc-us - n. 2m place mund-us - n. 2m world Normann-us - n. 2m Norman serv-us - n. 2m (male) slave inimic-us - n. 2m enemy nat-us - n. 2m child Domin-us - n. 2m Lord discipul-us - n 2m disciple bell-um - n. 2n war cael-um - n. 2n sky, heaven principi-um - n. 2n beginning, principle palati-um - n. 2n palace prandi-um - n. 2n dinner proeli-um - n. 2n battle vin-um - n. 2n wine monument-um - n 2n tomb respons-us - n 2n reply amor amor- - n. 3m love dux duc- - n. 3m leader, general, duke homo homin- - n. 3m man, fellow miles milit- - n. 3m soldier pater patr- - n. 3m father rex reg- - n. 3m king frater fratr- - n 3m brother pontifex pontific- - n 3m leader sermo sermon- - n 3m conversation, words mater matr- - n. 3f mother virgo virgin- - n. 3f young women mulier mulier- - n. 3f women navis nav- - n. 3f ship mens ment- - n. 3f mind lex leg- - n 3f law soror soror- - n 3f sister crux cruc- - n 3f cross potestas potestat- - n 3f power caput capit- - n 3n head corpus corpor- - n. 3n body cor cord- - n. 3n heart mare mar- - n. 3n sea exercit-us exercit-um, exercit-us - n. 4n. army




Present Indicative fixtures


Indicative Tenses

Perfect Imperfect Passive
1s -i -bam -r/or
2s -isti -bas -ris
3s -it -bat -tur
1p -imus -bamus -mur
2p -istis -batis -mini
3p -erunt -bant -ntur

Other Moods



am-o - 1v love d-o - 1v give cre-o - 1v create interrog-o - 1v question equit-o - 1v ride pugn-o - 1v fight nunti-o - 1v tell, announce, inform port-o - 1v carry ministr-o - 1v serve festin-o - 1v hurry laud-o - 1v praise vit-o - 1v avoid st-o - 1v stand not-o - 1v note, mark praepar-o - 1v prepare clam-o - 1v shout plor-o - 1v weep mone-o - 2v I warn, advise habe-o - 2v I have iube-o - 2v I order tene-o - 2v I hold, take vide-o - 2v I see reside-o - 2v sit down responde-o - 2v reply fle-o - 2v cry sede-o - 2v sit reg-o - 3v I rule apprehend-o - 3v I seize dilig-o - 3v love dic-o - 3v I say, speak duc-o - 3v I lead mitt-o - 3v I send trah-o - 3v I drag cad-o - 3v fall, die col-o - 3v inhabit coqu-o - 3v cook fuga vert-o - 3v turn in flight incend-o - 3v burn vinc-o - 3v I conquer viv-o - 3v live volv-o - 3v roll, turn crucifig-o - 3v crucify debe-o - 3v ought dimitt-o - 3v release impon-o - 3v place X (acc) on (dat) pon-o - 3v place quaer-o - 3v seek scrib-o - 3v write tang-o - 3v touch trad-o - 3v hand over, give up audi-o - 4v I hear, listen nesci-o - 4v I do not know sci-o - 4v I know senti-o - 4v I feel veni-o - 4v I come custodi-o - 4v guard cap-io - 5v I capture fac-io - 5v I make, do interfic-io - 5v kill accip-io - 5v take, receive

Fixed Forms

Fixed forms

non - not et - and nunc - now semper - always sed - but hic - here cur - why? quid - what? quis - who? qui - (he/you/they) who si - if suam - his (life) quae gratia - what thanks? autem - however, but dum - while ecce - see!, behold! iam - now, already modo - now olim - once upon a time tunc - then ergo - therefore nisi - unless, except propterea - therefore quia - that ubi - where cum +sub. - since/when ut (1) +sub. - in order that ut (2) +sub. - that X should …

Irregular Verbs

Irregular verbs

To be

I am /was, have been/wassu-mfu-ier-am
you are (have been)esfu-istier-as
he/she/it is (was)es-tfu-iter-at
we are (were)su-musfu-imuser-amus
you are (were)es-tisfu-istiser-atis
they/there aresu-ntfu-erunter-ant
es-se - to be

To go

I go /went/was goinge-oi(v)-ii-bam
you (s)go/went/ were goingi-si(v)-istii-bas
he/ goesi-ti(v)-iti-bat
we goi-musi(v)-imusi-bamus
you (pl) goi-tisi(v)-istisi-batis
they goe-unti(v)-erunti-bant
ire - to go

To will

I wish, wantvolovolu-i
you (s) wishvis
he/she/it wishesvult
we wishvolumus
you (pl) wishvultis
they willvolunt
velle - to will

To refuse, not want

I don't wish/want, refusenolonolu-i
you don't wishnon vis
he… refuses/don't wish..non vult
we refuse/don’t…nolumus
you (pl) refuse, don't…non vultis
they refuse, don't…nolunt
nolle - to refuse, not want

To prefer

I prefermalomalu-i
you prefermavis
he… prefersmavult
we prefermalumus
you (pl) prefermavultis
they prefermalunt
malle - to prefer



bon-us a um - 1/2 good formos-us a um - 1/2 beautiful long-us a um - 1/2 long, tall magn-us a um - 1/2 great, big mal-us a um - 1/2 wicked, evil me-us a um - 1/2 my, mine miser miser-a um - 1/2 unhappy mult-us a um - 1/2 much (pl many) noster, nostr-a um - 1/2 our(s) parv-us a um - 1/2 small (pl few) tot-us a um - 1/2 complete(ly) total(ly), all over tu-us a um - 1/2 your(s) (when 'you' = 1 person) vester vestr-a um - 1/2 your(s) (when 'you' >= 1 person) niger nigr-a um - 1/2 black pulcher pulchr-a um - 1/2 beautiful fort-is - 3 brave omn-is - 3 all, every(one) nobili-is - 3 noble trist-is - 3 sad absens absent- - 3 absent



Personal Pronouns

I, me, to meegomemihi
you, you, to you (s)tutetibi
we, us, to usnosnosnobis
you, you, to you (pl)vosvosvobis
ei - to him/her eis - to them

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